9/14/2015 STANDBY! My Blog is coming back to life!!!!

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3/29/14 More on the ‘non existant’ voter fraud by democraps and not just voters, but election officials…..this time in Indiana. It really doesn’t exist according to leading democraps, but this stuff keeps popping up here and there…if this much is coming to light, how much of it is actually going on?

3/27/14 And little bitty Harry Reid is ‘caught out’ misusing campaign funds for ‘presents’ for his grand daughter to the tune of $17,000 …. ah Democrats, the crooked bunch that just keeps on giving and giving…. Not to mention the Charlotte Mayor who was also ‘caught out’ on theft and bribery, wire fraud and extortion charges which could cost him 50 years…but don’t wait for it, he is a Democrat and black….you can look to see Holder intercede on his behalf….

3/27/14 Is there a brain in any democratic lawmaker….here we have a Virginia State lawmaker, former Øbama appointee turned politician, speaking highly of a terrorist oriented muzzie society center near Washington…the stupidity of these wankers knows no bounds….NEVER NEVER trust a Muslim….

3/27/14 I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the Democratic party just keeps on giving and giving…this time, an ANTI-GUN state senator from Kalifornia is accused of seeking donations for introducing an undercover FBI agent to and arms trafficker….Yee proposed legislation to limit rapid reloading of assault weapons. Lee also authored legislation that that would have required the state to study safe storage of firearms.

3/26/14 The Democratic Party and their war on black people….and how to counter it…..Democrats ‘fathered’ the KKK and have tried to hold black people down and for the most part have accomplished their goals…the Republican Party was formed to free black people….

3/25/14 Send in the clowns….you have to check out the picture with this article in the Canada Free Press…..

3/25/14 It is painful to see what zippy is doing to the standing of this country across the world. Painful. Here is an article from the Canada Free Press about the differences between our ball-less president and Putin….

3/25/14 The chief mooch gets ignored by Chinese mediatoo bad we can’t get that to happen over here…instead they ‘fawn’ over everything wookie to the point where I want to gag myself with a spoon…but people say, ‘hey, you are racist’….nope, not me, I don’t like either one of them because they are grifters, socialists, liars, users and just plain useless….got nothing to do with their color…

3/25/14 Increased racial polarization??? NO, say it ain’t so…it’s not zippys plan to divide this country, or is it? Seems like there is much more black on white crime than ever before….’young people’ (reports don’t say black youths) running rampant and terrorizing citizens in shopping malls, black youths playing the ‘knockout’ game…you can put two and two together….and it doesn’t take common core math to come up with 4….

3/25/14 More good news on the CCW front….more Florida women are getting concealed carry permits…The more, the merrier, and the more crime will fall….if I was a criminal, I’d sure think twice or more before I jumped someone…..

gun in the hand

3/25/14 You know, Harry Reid is seriously short a few bricks of a full load. I don’t understand how people in Nevada can vote this idiot back in time after time after time. Hopefully, conservatives can take back the Senate this year and send this asshole packing.

3/25/14 A N.J. Gun Range owner stands up to the leftists running New Jersey….he will not comply…seems like I am seeing this a lot lately. People burning registration forms, states passing laws invalidating Federal gun laws, Sheriffs standing up for the 2nd amendment….you would think, that the gun grabbers would get the message sooner or later, but it doesn’t appear so.

And some law enforcement standing with all these citizens….

3/25/14 This people, is what your tax money is buying via DHS…and exercise aimed at ‘terrorists’, you know, the ones that hate liberals and their ideas, cling to their guns and bibles and believe in the Constitution……

3/25/14 Will we never be rid of this jerk? Obama will arrive with 900-strong entourage, including 45 vehicles and three planes, and attend EU and Nato summits… 900 people? 45 vehicles? Three planes??? and while the Wookie in chief is over in China with her entourage….how many people, planes and vehicles does she have?
This crap has got to stop….!

Here is another article about zippys travels and costs….

3/25/14 Just more proof that you can’t trust a politician any farther than you can throw them….and that ain’t very far….this jerk is doing nothing more then trolling for voters…he apparently doesn’t have the backbone to stand on one side or the other….and you can no longer ‘sit on the fence’…..on a lot of issues…sorry to say he calls himself a ‘republican’…..

3/25/14 MORE government waste...this time they are spending $4.8 Million to tell students to get ‘fruved’….and I just paid a LOT in income taxes for last year……

3/25/14 More Financial Executive deaths…this seems to be a trend…I wonder what they know that we don’t know….last time, during the depression, people weren’t killing themselves until AFTER the stock market crash…the lastest makes ELEVEN…..

3/24/14 Looks like a direct slap in the face of Starbucks and other ‘gun free’ zone retailers from a coffee shop owner…..I have to say if there is a gun-free zone sign posted in a restaurant I don’t spend my money there…. Applebees in Eau Claire is one I found on vacation, The Alamo in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg is another…if someone doesn’t respect my 2nd Amendment RIGHT, then I don’t respect the fact they can earn my hard earned money.

3/24/14 The National Taxpayer Union Foundation says the obamas are the most Well-Traveled, Expensive President In History Through Five Years…. and the Wookie has the unmitigated gall to say she doesn’t get many vacations…I’m sure the people that are out and out displaced by the secret service and their entourages would not agree. Every place they go traffic is snarled and people are inconvenienced…

But do they give a rats butt? Nope….

3/24/14 Idaho Governor does it right…..signs bill nullifying Federal gun laws…and the governments of lefty anti-gun states wonder just why businesses and people are exiting their states in ever growing numbers??? Lefties just don’t have a clue if it doesn’t fit their ‘world view’….and this is just a perfect example….of their stupidity….

3/24/14 War on poverty? What war on poverty? Interesting article on the top 3 reasons the war has failed….

3/24/14 It just proves that the lame stream media is holding back on news of the ‘knockout’ game…why? One can only guess….they don’t want to appear ‘racist’? They don’t want to let people know what is really going on? Maybe they should ask the poor people who are getting the crap kicked out of them by black ‘mobs’….

3/24/14 Meet the most powerful woman in America….an no it isn’t Michelle, it’s ValJar……zippy probably can’t wipe his butt without checking with this woman first….and yes, she’s another dyed in the wool commie….seems like all our higher level gummint positions are infiltrated….

3/22/14 Indiana Gov. Pence poised to sign more pro gun legislation upholding citizens 2nd amendment rights. Way to go Indiana!!!! My State!!!!!

3/22/14 Unexplained deaths in the financial sector..up to nine now. Do they know something that we don’t know???? And the latest was ‘self inflicted’ by a NAIL GUN?????? Obamas Dead list ?????

3/21/14 Gun Control groups up in arms over Democrats who opposed gun control and voted with Republicans and kept to their oaths of office to protect the Constitution….Not only did they vote the right way, they had the balls to do it.

3/21/14 Florida House adds ‘warning shot’ allowance to the stand your ground law…I’m not so sure I’m in favor of this…..one, because a warning shot could impact anywhere but where it’s needed. Two, if you are in a position to need to defend yourself with a gun, then you need to end the problem forthwith, not screw around with a warning shot…

3/21/14 Delaware Supreme Court throws out gun ban and allows carry in public housing areas. A commendable action to allow people to protect themselves……

3/21/14 8th Century idiots want to have special access to pray at the top of the Empire State Building…this insanity will never end until the final judgement when they are wiped off the earth. We continue to allow them to undermine OUR culture with their 8th Century barbarism and sharia law. Detroit is being turned into an Islamic sand pit, as well as other cities in other countries. Some places in England are ‘no go zones’ unless you are Muslim.

3/21/14 Ohio woman convicted of voter fraud is honored by Democrats…A long-time poll worker who admitted to illegal voting was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday and received a rebuke from the judge, who cited her criminal past. Melowese Richardson, 58, pleaded no contest to four counts of illegal voting in 2009, 2011 and 2012. One count charged her with voting for her sister, who is in a coma.Latest news is that she will not have to serve the 5 years, and, she can still work in polling places….TOTAL INSANITY!!! But, according to democraps, there is no voter fraud….

3/21/14 Hawaii’s Gun restrictions deemed unconstitutional…..

2/27/14 Still more on Global Warming….could it be volcano’s are actually slowing down global warming??? I don’t know about that, but I do know GW is a hoax put out by the left to redistribute your money.

2/27/14 Ever hear the word ‘troll’…yep, the monster that lives under the bridge..well there is another type of troll…this one hangs out on newsfeeds and blogs and who post misinformation and outright lies about various reports and information. Is it possible that some trolls could actually be government operatives??? And there is even a Government handbook for internet trolls…..

2/27/24 More voter fraud exposed….Iowa refers 80 cases to prosecutors. Iowa??? One of the so called ‘swing states’…..and here is an article about Obama’s voter scam being exposed. And of course Biden, ‘the mouth’, says voter ID is driven by ‘hatred’…..but then we all know about Biden, don’t we….

2/27/14 Supreme Court expands police powers for warrantless searches…hmmm, now they can come in if even one resident says it’s ok…are we approaching a police state????

2/27/14 Girl Scouts having problems with cookie sales, threatening others because of their stand on gays and abortions. Now this tidbit surfaces about a lesbian they hired to be their “Girl Experience Officer”…whatever that is…and I wonder what kind of ‘experiences’ she will be pushing???

2/25/14 Didn’t we see some crap like this back when Piglosi was

stumping for the ACA??? “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it’…well, now the Chamber of Commerce is trying to get amnesty legislation passed under almost the same circumstances….

2/25/14 You wonder why this country is in trouble and what is being taught at our Universities by commies and liberals….well, here is an article that should raise your ire…free speech is ok for me (a liberal) but not for thee….

2/25/14 More on the underhanded tactics regarding the National Roadside Survey I mentioned back on the 22nd….I said then, tell them NO but don’t open your window….if you do, apparently they have little alcohol sensors attached to the edge of some kind of notepad….

2/25/14 FBI says they have evidence now to indict CAIR for terror….now, who out there could ever think that Holder and Obama would let that happen? CAIR has been to the white house on many occasions, donated to the ‘muslim in chief’ and causing problems all across the country….wouldn’t surprise me if they were also instrumental in the terror camps here in the country….

2/25/14 Whatever you think about the Ukraine, Russia is not happy with them, calling them ‘gun-toting mutineers’….but then I’d have to call them ‘patriots’…and look what they have accomplished…just so long as the Russian ‘Bear’ doesn’t come in and trample them…but now the have weapons….



2/25/14 If ‘you like your meds, you can keep your meds’ is apparently not the truth anymore with Zombiecare…this debacle is getting worse and worse folks…it needs to be torn up and shredded and burned at the stake….

2/25/14 This is really sick and courtesy of your elected Obamabots…

The truth is out about zombiecare and these asshats are trying their best to supress the truth…but then that is just like a democrat…


2/22/14 What an innocuous name, National Roadside Survey….

you’d think they were asking questions about trash in pull offs or something OTHER than checking to see if you are an impaired driver.The words, just say NO come to mind, and say it through a closed window….they do NOT have the right to legally check you. Only the police do and they need ‘probable cause’….if you do decide to ‘go along to get along’….NO DNA…once they get it with any of your id…fugaddabout…


2/22/14 Electricity prices cimb…. of course they do, when you shut down coal power plants, put plant workers out of work, put miners out of work and on the dole, have the balls to say ‘you won’t be able to keep your thermostats at 75′ (while heating OUR house with OUR money) and roll over to the eco weenies, plus not to mention pouring MILLIONS of bucks into ‘friends of Obama’ solar and wind power scams…..they even have windmills killing Eagles, and Senators husbands solar scams funded by OUR money…..and the amount of energy generated by these boondoggles is way to small to make a difference….

burning windmill

2/22/14 More government waste, this time to the NSF to study

how people  cross the road….maybe they should just watch a chicken to find out how it works… it never, never, never ends…..

2/21/14 Don’t forget to check out the Obama Death Pool....

a LOT of unexplained deaths surrounding the liar in chief….almost reminds you of the Clinton Body Count….I found out recently that my room mate overseas was killed during the Clinton years…he was Secret Service….

2/21/14 Now the FCC is wading into the newsroom…..

not that it makes any difference anyway, because the lame stream media is already in zippys pocket, but FOX is going to catch it in the rear end….

2/21/14 I wondered where this flaming idiot Farrakhan has been

hiding out, and now this bit of news….doo doo head wants Zippy to open up Area 51 for the big UFO reveal…..because “Allah God has raised and made you powerful that he might make himself known through you,”….yea, right……he also rants about the ‘shadow government’ and rants on about how The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us of a giant Mother Plane that is made like the universe, spheres within spheres. This ass is certifiable…..


2/21/14 Cruse to address FOA, conservative group Friends of Abe, 2000 strong in Kalifornia…

Who would have thought there were 2000 high level conservatives in that God forsaken liberal paradise???? And they are looking for a 501 C exemption but the Infernal Revenue Service wants a list of members…now, why do you think that would be? ABOLISH the IRS, NOW!

2/21/14 Farmers Almanac more accurate than NOAA with all their Billions….

This report about the Farmers Almanac weather predictions for this winter coming true….and I’m sure it didn’t cost the editor/writer Billions to produce it…..

2/21/14 Funny stuff coming from Venezuela….

the President threatens to kick out CNN.…what??? The Communist News Network being threatened by a Communist???? How delectable is that?????

2/20/14 Came across this yesterday in my Internet rambling..

american bumper sticker

Thought it kind of fit the bill….I’m sure there are a some still available here… .


2/20/14 Ha ha….the UAW takes it in the shorts at a VW plant in Tennessee, and now, like they always do, are resorting to threats and blackmail...I remember my dad telling me about he and the Teamsters when he was driving a flour delivery truck… Unions are seeing their membership erode and they will do just about anything to keep their ‘jobs’ (‘ghost’ jobs I think the Mob called them in the Sopranos)…..I hope that VW doesn’t roll over to this muggers….


2/20/14 More DEMOCRATS bused in a voting scam…..this stuff just keeps coming and coming….Two things democrats are really good at, lying and voting scams….no wonder they keep getting elected…every time I think about this I remember Al Franken in Minnesota and how ‘they’ kept finding absentee votes in car trunks and various places every time he started to fall behind…

2/20/14 Black violence seems to be picking up a lot lately but you don’t see it on the lamestream media much…and old Eric Holder isn’t prosecuting the ‘knockout’ game as a hate crime unless they happen to catch one or two white guys doing it…Colin Flaherty is doing a lot of reporting on the subject…Kansas City, Brooklyn, and now even Detroit where three people are arrested for robbing, stabbing, shooting, torturing and killing three white people. Then burning down their house and stealing their car. Where is Øbama saying ‘if I had a son he would look like this’???

Where is Øbama at all…oh, I forgot, vacationing again playing golf.

(gasp!!!) falling to the barbaric practices of GANGS of black kids rampaging around….

2/20/14 More targeting of folks by advertisers showing up in this article about Pandora being able to tell and target your political leaning by the type of music you listen to….so sorry Pandora, I don’t USE your service…..


2/20/14 TWO former Navy SEALS found dead on the Maersk Alabama that was made famous by the kidnapping of Capt. Phillips and the pussyfooting obama who really didn’t want to call the ‘shots’ to save him…. I’m beginning to wonder if we shouldn’t start a ‘Obama Body Count’ like there is a ‘Clinton Body Count’…don’t know about you, but I only know/knew one person who died under mysterious circumstances….not a whole raft of them….these two will get added into the mix with the Hawaiian Birth Certificate woman, and a couple of reporters….a recent reply to one of my postings gave me the Obama Death Pool… print it off and hide it in your shorts so it can’t be ‘purged’ from the net….



2/18/14 Girl Scouts unhappy with the cookie boycott apparently.. you know ladies, if you sleep with spiders and snakes, eventually you are going to get bit….move your young ladies, daughters and grand daughters into American Heritage Girls…


2/18/14 Lest we forget, during this runup to the boondoggle

of nominating Hitlery Clintoon to the office of president, one of the first things she pulled off with the White House Travel Office…Hitlery, my dear, there are a LOT of people out here who have kept track of your ‘travels’ over the years….you can run, but you can’t hide….

2/17/14 The answer to the Girl Scouts of America who ‘rolled’

over to the LGBT lobby….if you have a daughter, get her into American Heritage….she will be much better off…..

2/17/14 Yes indeed, more from the much vaunted ‘religion of peace’…..

Teaching children to behead people????? This is not a religion of peace, it is a cult of death….if you aren’t muslim, that is….

2/17/14 Back on 2/13 I published a link to the ‘Blood Moon’

report….now, today, it seems like NASA has shut down it page relating to lunar eclipse…..hmmmm, wonder why????

2/17/14 Looks like the Clinton machine is going into ‘full hide’

before Hitlery makes a run for pres….God, could anything be worse for this country? I mean after the present wanker leaves office….

2/17/14 Looks like the gummint has built a ‘fake city‘ for

anti terrorist training….you know, all those ‘evil’ bible loving, gun toting, Christian, anti-abortionists’ terrorists, like us?? Built it on 300 acres in Virginia….read the article about ‘re-education’ and internment of citizens…..U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations details the information…if this doesn’t send chills down your back, nothing will….oh, but they built a Mosque there, so it really isn’t about what it definitely looks like…

2/17/14 Aha, nothing like a little bit of government blackmail

for you when you travel the ‘friendly skies of TSA’….seems like now, everyone is eligible for the expanded ‘Pre Check‘ program that allows you to get aboard without taking off your shoes or belt or opening your laptop…for only $85 dollars and fingerprints….


2/15/14 More on global warming…just in time to coincide with

zippys trip to Kalifornia…actually, I think the only ‘greenhouse gasses’ are those emanating from inside the beltway.


2/15/14 Have you heard about all the dead bankers lately?

This from the Canada Free Press is worth the read. Perhaps they know something the rest of us don’t…..this is beginning to read like the Clintoon Body Count….

2/15/14 It takes 4 government employes to write rules

regarding handling of musical instruments on airplanes??? This, people, is what happens when government runs amok….

2/13/14 Bwaaahahahahahaha……Palestinians reject UN textbooks because they are ‘meant to brainwash’….oh yes, we wouldn’t want children to find out there were nice people in the world when their training revolves about hating Jewish people, and beheading non muslims, and lying, cheating and stealing…..

2/13/14 Benghazi…..this story just will not drop off the cliff….

hopefully it will hang in there and manage to help sink Hitlery as a candidate…..

2/13/14 DHS is at it again..this time with a nationwide license

plate recognition system…but don’t worry, since it’s government it will probably work about as well as healthcare.gov …..

2/13/14 Did I hear the word ‘confiscation’ ?????

Yep, I did….from the EU trying to plug it’s money gap….think it can’t happen here? Think again…best put your money into silver..no, not a Silver type IRA, but the physical stuff you can stuff in a mattress……Truman outlawed gold back when, it could happen again here….

2/13/14 Blood Moons and portents…..

Found this article talking about Blood Moons and portents and how Jewish holidays figure into the equation, and the things that have happened in the past….portents and omens…..


2/13/14 The other day there was an article about a Soros’ funded outfit that was taking care of IRS requests for exemptions for conservative groups….apparently called the “Urban Institute”…and do you also recall that Jamie Gorelick (Flight 880, Waco, 9/11 comission etc.) is now the vice chairwoman of the Urban Institute Board of Trustees. She was also rewarded by the Clintooon administration…check out the article…seems like wherever shit pops up, so does Jamie….

2/13/14 Well,  if you didn’t already know it, the commies are

starting to stand up for one of their own, Øbama…they claim they ‘have his back’….frankly, they can HAVE ALL OF Him….just get him the hell out of office..


2/12/14 Obama ‘turnout machine’ flops by 9 points….

Looks like a dim lost out by 9 points despite being an enclave of liberals and all the money and support the obama machine could pour into the election…and in KALIFORNIA!!!!

2/12/14 Classic ignorance about the Bible…why? because not

enough are teaching their children about the Bible, or probably even taking them to church on any kind of a regular basis…of course the atheist ‘haters’ and other ‘deniers’ will probably applaud this, but I tell you, you had better get straight with God because with the way things are going, the End Times are close upon us.

2/12/14 Wednesday SHTF time….the IRS is in it again…

apparently the IRS was shuffling requests to a Soros funded progressive liberal think tank for processing….’not a smidgeon’??? The lying POS…….

2/11/14 Hillary said ‘what difference does it make?’, but State

pulled a support aircraft from Benghazi before the attack.

2/11/14 Of course, Obama said ‘there was not a smidgeon of corruption” in the IRS business…

then this surfaces….you have to know by now, that zippy is a serial liar and the IRS is still at it….

2/10/14 Oh, oh, here we go….the Hillary Papers….

a bit of a longish read, but you will miss some important lack of character information on this bimbo if you pass….

2/10/14 US cities going bankrupt one city at a time….and

you can blame it on Democrats because they are running those same cities…..

2/10/14 Nancy Pelosi’s brother in law strikes it big time

with OUR money……for a solar plant that looks like it came directly from the movie ‘Sahara’……didn’t see this in the MSM did you???

2/10/14 Winters Midpoint….

Interesting write up about the winter midpoint and some other stuff…

2/8/14 Terrorism 101….this happened in April of 2013 and it is

just now being named a terrorist attack? 120 rounds being fired selectively into electrical transformers through a chain link fence to allow the cooling oil to leak out and not cause an explosion? It was initially downplayed as vandalism??? No suspects of course….and Senators want a security review??? Well do ya think??? And of course there is no action on an EMP attack…but then how do you stop a missile?? Maybe with all the hot air out of Washington they could build a bubble over the country that would melt incoming missiles..

2/8/14 Amazing, I finally found something about the Toronto Mayor that I finally agree with…..he ‘gets it’ which a lot of people don’t…

2/8/14 Here we go folks, the ‘Farm Bill’….just another way

to waste even more money…..catfish, weather radios, Christmas tree tax, sugar subsidy, maple syrup, pays for advertising for Fruit of the Loom and McDonald’s among other waste….it never ends…

2/7/14 Virginia Gov. McAuliffe doing what democraps do so well…..

padding their party coffers and ‘reimbursing’ costs.…they keep doing this stuff thinking they can hide it, then when they get caught, NOTHING ever happens to them…

2/7/14 Our Imperial Government takes a holiday for Mandela

Funeral on the taxpayer dime to the tune of $19 MILLION dollars…and Mandela? Why? A Communist and agitator. Zippy didn’t attend or send an envoy to Thatcher’s funeral…..Obama, Bush and Clintooon all went to his funeral……

2/6/14 Drip, drip, drip, the IRS story is getting out…here is

yet another installment…..but wait, there wasn’t a ‘smidgeon’ of corruption according to Obozo…..

2/6/14 I haven’t posted on SOCHI as of yet, but this article

bears reading….it is funny, but also sad….SOCHI is a MONUMENT to the failure of Central Planning, and is proving to be a really bad choice of location for this event….they are killing stray dogs (where is PETA???), many of the venues are not completed, no one is showing up as of today..and now they want YOUR pillow!!!!

But just wait, Rio is coming…..

2/6/14 Not building the Keystone Pipeline could increase greenhouse emissions….well, being transported by a fundraiser for more…..

I guess you readers should know where I’m coming from. That is if you haven’t already figured out I am really Conservative in my views, and think the Constitution should be used as written and not defaced by SCOTUS or any one else. Each day I have several outlets that I look at, as well as several Blogs.

I read:

The Blaze

Drudge Report

World Net Daily

Jewish World Review (this site as a list of editorial cartoonists and is updated daily.)

Terrill Aftermath for a ‘photoshopped’ image current to daily news.

Canada Free Press 








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