As you can see from the We Are A Jeep Family we love Chrysler products. The word MOPAR for car buffs brings to mind the classic Muscle Cars of the early 70′s, cruising around to Frisch’s and generally showing off! (I can remember gas at $.25 a gallon)…..

Of course Jeeps are not the only things our family has owned over the years. There have been Chrysler 300′s, Darts, a Crestwood Station Wagon, a 1973 Dodge Challenger, Club Cab Pickups, and an occasional Ford or Chev or Honda…but honestly, they don’t stay around very long.

My very first car was a late 40′s Dodge 4 Door with a 3 speed tranny and Fluid Drive (which meant you could start off downhill in third without shifting). You can go up to and search images, but picture an overgrown VW Beetle with 4 doors!

A few years ago my oldest and I drove down to Florida and bought a 1970 Dodge Challenger. It had a few problems (and still does), but we hauled it back in a 15 hour marathon drive. That was after crawling around on blacktop at 104 degrees looking under several other vehicles. The one we went down to buy was not what I expected and we found this one.


I have entered it into various car shows and I am now 6 trophies for 8 shows. It is almost all original except for the dual exhaust and rally hood. I managed to get a copy of the original build sheet.

You may see me driving it around the Aurora/Lawrenceburg area or in various car shows or cruise ins.

You can’t miss it because it is Lime Green!

My wife and I are also members of the
River City Classics Car Club in Aurora Ind. I hope you can stop by the website and check out some of the members cars and other information about our club.

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