Survival and Preparedness

This page devoted to survival and preparedness….that is, doing what you need to do to protect your loved ones if the SHTF…..and it probably will seeing the way things are going….

The government is out of control and eventually, when the money stops flowing to the ‘non workers’ and welfare suckers, what do you think is going to happen?

2/19/14 Here we are in a ‘warming trend’ trying to forget about the snow still on the ground and thinking about Spring, 22 or 23 days away, but Back on 2/12 I wrote about the snow/ice storm in Atlanta…. folks were expecting this, government screwed the pooch in not shutting things down, people were endangered when they couldn’t get anywhere, stores were stripped.… obviously these people were not prepared…. I think perhaps you should think about being a ‘preppy’… perhaps not the ‘build a bunker‘ in your backyard type (unless you want to of course), but at least make some emergency preparations…

What if the power goes out? Do you have an emergency heating source? What about food, water, physical comfort to ride out the emergency? What about being out on the road? I read yesterday about 2 men and 3 kids who had to hike 19 miles in Idaho because they got their truck stuck when they were out screwing around in the snow? Do you keep at least 1/2 tank of gas in winter? Jack? Sand or Cat Litter or a small shovel? A bit of food and water, blanket???? No??? If not, perhaps you should rethink your position…

Check out this site….I’ve visited it before and it has a LOT of good survival information. Some one once said, ‘Fortune favors the prepared mind.’

As far as emergency food, you can get freeze dried, dehydrated, MRE’s and lots of other stuff with shelf life of up to 25 YEARS. I’ve tried it and all you add is add hot water and have a decent meal.

Emergency Essentials   …. MRE Depot... for food and emergency supplies.   Dry Harvest Foods ….  Mountain House for food   even Amazon ….and for those BACON lovers out there…..


2/12/14 Panic time in Atlanta again because of the storm….

here we go again…..panic in Atlanta as store shelves are emptied..why is it always bread and milk leading the way??? If you think this is bad folks, wait awhile….the stock market is worse than just before the depression…so many are on EBT/Welfare and riot when the system has a burp….so advice? I’d certainly stock up on some freeze-dried/ emergency foods..shelf life is up to 25 years…also sock away some gold or silver….plus more ammo if you can buy it before the government gets it all….you interested?

Silver saver for silver (open an account and sock some away)

Be Prepared for survival food and supplies

Mountain House for food

Some pundit said once ‘fortune favors the prepared mind’…..

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