2/5/2014 Now here is some GOOD news….

Seems like folks are finally waking up to zippy and his questionable tactics…..more and more are signing on to an impeachment move….but, that being said, impeachment has to come from the Senate I believe, and those democrat cojone-less wonders will never bring it to life…..

2/3/14 Barrack Obama in two places at one time??…

Check out this American Thinker article….note down in the article that mentions ‘That Soebarkah’s mother associated with members of the cult, and that, some 45 years later, a leader of the cult (Deliana Loretta Fuddy) would be the first non-medical doctor in the state of Hawaii to run the State’s Department of Health (and therefore have custody over Soebarkah’s long form birth certificate) is, shall we say, rather odd –” and that she was the only person to die in a light plane crash….even more odd….

1/31/14 My Grandfather, God bless his soul, told me several times

over the years that the kind of man that you are is reflected by the company you keep, or similar words. So much of what is showing about zippy is also reflected in the company he kept or is keeping……

1/31/14 Woohoo….black activists in Chi-town aren’t too happy with

POTUS after SOTU address…..ha ha….seems like zippy is taking it from everyone, and it’s about damn time. There are so many scandals flying around his head (the latest being D’Souza coming under fire because of his movie) that eventually he will have to be brought down….if he was a Republican instead of a leftist liberal democrat the National press would have crucified him and then burned the cross…but no, they just keep on kissing his butt, except for a very few isolated incidences……

1/31/14 I said it before and now Ayers confirms it….

Zippy never wrote Dreams of My Father…..and Bill Ayers confirms it in an interview…..there was much made of it when first published, how the phrasing and parsing so much resembled Ayers writings….he is, and was a terrorist of the worst sort…..and look here if you want the scoop on his background…..

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