2/3/14 White House mouthpiece tries to deflect questions about the Keystone pipeline…

by bringing up the drought in the Western States and climate change and saying we import less oil than ever….Zippy will NEVER put his seal of approval on Keystone…..

2/1/14 Keystone surfaces yet again…..

Honestly, there is so much going on with Keystone I don’t know where to start.

The pipeline just completed a hurdle that the tree hugging enviro weenies are not happy with….but zippy has been dragging his feet on it all along….a big bucks donor Warren Buffet owns Berkshire Hathaway who owns BNSF the largest transport railway, so he make big bucks from the transport….crude costs about $16 Bucks a barrel more to transport via train than pipeline, but it seems no one wants the pipeline built….the State Department (what the hell do they know) claims 42,100 temporary jobs for several years but only 50 full time jobs….do you believe anything that comes out of State??? Neither do I….but no one really knows…..and as for my part, any job created, temp or full time is good for our struggling economy, and getting the Bakken crude to our refineries will stick our finger in the eyes of the Middle East Oil companies…that is great by me…and there are a lot of job opportunities in North Dakota and the area even now….that is if you can stand the climate…I spent some time there in the 60′s and saw it go to -45 with a 40 mph wind….froze the grease in the wheel bearings on my car….that, brother, is cold!!!!

Mitch McConnell is pushing zippy to pick up his much touted pen and ok the pipeline…..folks, zippy doesn’t want us energy independent, nor does he want the jobs….

1/29/14 Another Democrat bites it…..

I just love it when this happens…..convicted on eight felony counts for perjury and voter fraud…..Senate President (D) says “We hold Sen. Wright in high regard.” Of course they do….liars and thieves have to stick together…..that’s about as bad as the Democratic Juvenile Court Judge in Cincinnati who has been charged with eight felony counts as well…..I saw her on the news on MLK day on the square, she was absolutely ranting and raving….a real piece of work she is…..

But rest easy folks, they are both Democrats, so they will walk…or Holder will step in and charge ‘racism’ since they are both African American…

1/26/14 Sunday morning document dump….

I have said it before and I’ll say it again….when someone high up in government screws the pooch and gets caught at it, they DON”T get fired, they get promoted… is another one…..she screwed Benghazi security at the behest of Hillary, got caught and is now getting promoted.

1/24/14 Wendy Davis….the ‘real’ back story…

If you are following the Wendy Davis story (another lying liberal democrat running for Governor in Texas) you might want to find out the real back story of her ‘heroism‘…ha ha ha…..and, she really put her foot in it when she mocked her Republican opponent about walking in her shoes because he is a paraplegic……

1/18/14 Pretty damn bad…..

When the governor of a state, New York in this case, says that conservatives, pro-life and anti-gay marriage citizens are not welcome in his state…. …

I guess that also applies to anyone that is not a commie/socialist since they have just elected one to be the Mayor of Nooo Yawk…

Just another reason to get the hell out of Dodge, if you are conservative and still live there….

1/17/14 Benghazi timeline shows zippy missing in action..

Breitbart published a timeline on the Benghazi massacre of four of our people. Obama was missing….out campaiging and making useless speeches….. but then he is a useless president…..

1/17/14 14 IRS Audit flags…

These 14 flags are of course, in addition to the audit you will get if you are a conservative organization…watch your p’s and q’s folks..don’t forget the IRS bought all those shotguns and ammo…they must be planning something…..

1/17/14 NSA at it again….

New report out on NSA now collecting 200 million text messages from us each day…..hey, I have an idea….why don’t every one of us, first thing each day, send a text message to someone that is nothing but gobbledygook….random numbers/letters in groups of 5??? The NSA’s Cray computers would try to find the hidden code, which wasn’t there….could give them a meltdown if enough of us did it…then send a second message “Screw you NSA”…

1/11/14 Under da’ bus…

Zippy throws Hillary under the bus with the announcement that it was NOT that stupid lie about the dinky little anti-Mohammed video that spawned Benghazi…..

1/16/14 More on Behgnazi…..

It just keeps on coming….this bi-partisan report shows Obama and Hillary as the liars they really are….I said at the very beginning it was coordinated, and that zippy watching it was a photo shopped picture and it fell on the anniversary of 9-11 and it was not caused by some stinky little video….

1/15/14 Hillary

It is going to be a looooong time to the 2016 elections folks. Hillery is apparently the heir apparent to zippy and there is all kind of info coming out about her (like we didn’t already know about her)….latest is this article from the Canada Free Press about her ‘enemies’ list…oh, and don’t forget the 63 some questionable deaths (suicides, plane crashes etc. etc.) that occurred on Clintons watch, along with Mena Ark. drug running, political corruption in Arkansas, Alltel, Whitewater, 4 agents killed at Waco (by identical wounds to the left temple), INSLAW and BCCI and on and on and on…she also was recently screwed by Obama when he threw her under the bus for the Benghazi fiasco when she blamed it on that pukey little video…watch folks, this should be an interesting interlude to the election.

As an added note, she has come out VERY near the bottom of most admired leaders….in this poll…..carried on a favorite Blog.

1/13/14  Clean up the voter rolls….

Found this article on Canada Free Press…..True The Vote and Judicial Watch have reached a deal to clean up the voter rolls in Ohio (one state of 46 with problems)…several months ago there were several stories about people in Ohio voting multiple times. One lady said she voted twice because she didn’t think her Absentee ballot for zippy would get there in time, and she was proud of it. If she could get to the polls to vote, why use an absentee ballot in the first place???….

In keeping with this I would like to put forth a few proposals:

1) As in some of the third world countries, when you vote you stick your finger in a pot of color, that doesn’t come off easily…like a dye-pack in a pouch of stolen bank money…One finger, One vote…I like this….plus you could show all your coworkers you voted, ONCE!!

2) Shut down early voting. If you want to vote, then come out on the day of the vote…early voting is a prescription for voter fraud! That is why the Democrats like it so well.

3) No more Absentee Ballots…too much chance for fraud. Look at what happened with Franken in Minnesota…every time he would fall a bit behind in the vote, someone would pull out a minor miracle and find another bag of absentee votes under a car seat, or in a trunk or some other improbable place. At least until he ‘won’….every time I hear his name I ‘see’ this picture of him in a diaper sucking his thumb…..not a pretty sight.

4) VOTER ID! No picture ID, No Vote!!!! This would also cut down on fraud. You have to have a license to drive so you should have one to vote.

5) Get rid of electronic voting….any time you have a computer involved (especially if a democrat owns the company) you are opening yourself up to fraud…. Old fashioned paper ballots..nothing else.

6) Tighten up registration…if you get to the polls and you aren’t on the register, tough noogies… there is no reason you can’t register ahead of time, showing valid information to do so….

7) States should have the ability to run their voter registrations against the Social Security deceased lists….that would keep a lot of ‘democrats’ from voting…since they apparently have the ‘dead’ vote pretty well locked up.

8) WATCH THE POLLS!!!! Be suspicious if you see a bus pulling up with a lot of voters on it…..and make sure there are no Black Panthers standing around the doors.

9) Early voting….stop it!!!! ONE election day only…the way it used to be….you go on one day, vote, get a colored thumb and GO HOME…no visiting another polling place on another day. It is just terrible that one precinct can have 116% voter turnout….that should yell FRAUD to anyone with half a brain….

1/11/14 Senate blocks Military Pensions

Well, now we know exactly how Senate dimbulbs feel about the military and illegal aliens...ooopsie, I used the ‘no’ word there…but I don’t care…the Senate is a bunch of loosers…they only like the military when they need them…any other time it’s f### you! They all need to be replaced…..come elections…

1/10/14 Questionable death?

I thought about this when the news was first released…that the person who released zippys birth certificate was the ONLY one killed in a plane crash…can anyone say ‘coverup’???? Naw, the president wouldn’t do such a thing…..or…..????


1/10/14 Medal of Honor

The back story on Marine  SSgt Giunta and his Medal of Honor and the disrespect of Obama and Congress at the Award Ceremony………Congress gets front row seats and the parents of this brave soul are relegated to the third row???? That sucks!


1/10/14 Maintaining the First Lady

The high cost of maintaining ‘ Mrs. Obama could go a long way toward funding veterans… the words “grifter” and “mooch” come to mind? I guess she is still hanging out in Hawaii and that means additional Secret Service, limo’s, and cost associated with same, not to mention sending a plane from Washington to Hawaii to bring her back.

1/10/14 Christie & Hillary

Hillary is all the flap now….Christie, a not very conservative Republican it taking it in the hindquarters for the bridge flap which he already apologized for, and Hillary, the democrap darling, gets away with a multitude of sins. Here are 7 reasons Hitlery would make a terrible president, and I’ll dig in my Clinton files and find a lot more….

1/9/14 Noo Joisey revenge

Ho hum, another scandal surfaces..this time in Nooo Joisey… seems like the week long lane closures at the George Washington Bridge look to be revenge  by Christie or his ‘organization’…of course he denies it, but hey, when you connect the dots you get a full picture. Hey politicos…emails will always get you in the end.



An article popped into my mail bin, forwarded by an old friend.

It appears as though a movement against Obama (and his minions) is developing throughout the ranks of the Military, in all branches, currently serving and retired.

You can read the article and get all the information. It’s no wonder this is happening…with the way he treats our military members who give up so much, some the ultimate sacrifice, to ensure that the dipshit president can keep his office. A long time ago he wanted the military vets to pay their own medical bills. He stonewalled sending needed supplies to them. He acts as though the flag is a bother to his exalted self.

The man who is president has removed the ‘buck stops here’ sign from the oval office desk. He is a serial liar and a disgrace to this nation. He allowed our Ambassador and 4 other Americans to be slaughtered in Benghazi. He has replaced numerous high ranking military officers who will not ‘toe his line’….I suspect he is afraid of a revolution and wanted them to say they would fire on citizens. Not proven, but it could be. I would put nothing past this man.

Seems like he had the Marines in the Inaugration parade march with rifles without bolts. He runs around in a vehicle called The Beast, armored more heavily than an MRAP. If he was ‘so loved’, why do this????

There is more information available at Special Operations Speaks. Go check their website…..

Posted by a Veteran….ME!!!!!! U.S.A.F.

1/7/14 DeBlasio carriage scandal..

Ah, a NEW scandal is building in Noo Yawk with the newly elected commie mayor DeBlasio…..seems like one of his campaign promises was to close down the iconic Horse Drawn Carriages in the city. I wondered myself why would he pick on this, particularly since he was so ‘job driven’ and it would cost a lot of jobs. Isn’t there some kind of Union of Carriage Drviers??? There is one for almost everything else.

Then as if by magic, this article from American Spectator brings the whole sordid truth out. You can read it for yourself but basically, the biggest donor to da Mayor was a real estate developer who covets the property where the horses are stabled, as PRIME residential property for condos (I doubt if it would be the 300 sq. ft. one either).

But then, he is a democrat so it will probably just peter out…And speaking of peters, Eliot Spitzer is in the news again, this time in Jamacia, sucking the toes of his mistress…I kid you not…and at a family resort….can you imagine your child running to you yelling ‘there is a man sucking the toes of a woman with no top’?????

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