2/10/14 More on the ‘Religion (cult) of peace”…….

this Christian got his throat cut because he was in the wrong place….more and more there are ‘no go’ areas in OUR cities , actually Dearborn Michigan where it is worth your life for a non-muslim to venture….

2/5/14 Finally someone with apparent clout in the Muslim world tells it like it is…

A Jordanian Sheikh says Allah gave the land of Israel to the Jews…this should make a few Palestine idiots get their crapper pants all hot…..

2/5/14 Found another website that reports on Muslim Influence and the white house…

it looks to be a good source of information that people should know….I didn’t know there were TWO Obama Foundations….check out the page….

2/3/14 Ah yes, the “Religion of Peace’ strikes again…

The death penalty for Blasphemy????? What kind of whacked out religionxxxxx er, I mean cult, operates like this? And this bunch of mindless nobs wants to have a worldwide Caliphate???? And just who decides if what you say is blasphemy???

1/26/14 More on the ‘religion of peace’….

Ah, Islam, the ‘religion of peace’…and no rights for women, and sharia law, and training children to blow the hell out of themselves and myriad other human rights violations is now at it in a Christian Majority country in Africa……there can be no peace until every last muslim is gone.


1/18/14 Islam is EVIL!!!!!

I can’t put any more plain than that….people, we are in a war for our very lives. They can be given no quarter or we will surely perish. Recently 13000 High Schoolers graduated from a ‘suicide school’ put on in Gaza…..they are training children for Allahs sake to kill civilians, men, women and children. Islam is a scourge upon the face of the earth. You cannot reason with them, you cannot make friends with them, you cannot ‘buy’ them by building mosques with our money…..all they do is laugh in our faces and continue killing. And obama is letting 80,000 more of them into the country….this is pure INSANITY!!!!



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