1/22/14 Pro Life March in Washington…..

Chicago had a pro-life march on Sunday and the biggie is coming Wednesday in Washington….the 41st march….it is estimated that 55 MILLION babies have been slaughtered by the pro-choice faction…..20 % of the population of this country. It is so sad that this happens…..if it were Latinos, or African Americans, it would be called GENOCIDE…but no, it’s a woman’s right to kill her baby….or worse, pull it out and punch a hole in it’s head….

1/24/14 Here is some information about credit card fraud and identity theft…

Found this article on Jewish World Review this morning. It contains some great information about how to handle yourself if you believe your credit/debit card information has been stolen a la Target and Nieman Marcus.

1/21/14 A Place to Visit….

One of the sites I visit is LMAObama.com …. they put up pictures and allow you to suggest captions for the pictures. I found this one today and thought it was pretty good.

taking responsibility

1/17/14 About to Blow????

A study by Duke and Boston University found 5900 natural gas leaks in D.C…..the surprising thing is 4 months ago they reported the same and only a handful of the leaks have been fixed. The article states “but the average methane concentrations are higher in Washington,” wow, that must be because of all the politicians there in D.C…..

1/11/14 Dance Party!!!!

I don’t know if you watch Channel 12, WKRC-TV on Friday mornings…I watch it every day, but Friday is special with Bob Herzog and his Friday Dance Party. He is up on youtube but check out this Friday Party!!!!!

1/10/14 Secret Mafia Code

A once secret Mafia code has been broken….

Wow, maybe the Carabineri should have talked to NSA…they probably could have put one of their Cray Computers on it and solved it much quicker….I just did a check on Crays and they have a new model out that is capable of 100 Peta-flops (A petaflop can be expressed as a thousand trillion floating point operations per second) …..the article mentions that DARPA (isn’t that the agency AlGore invented, or was it the Internet….) hasn’t contracted for one yet. But it is just a matter of time until the buy enough $700.00 hammers to pay for it…

1/10/14 The Hand of God

I saw this on Drudge (see below for my daily info visits) and while it is a pretty incredible picture, I highly doubt it is ‘the hand of God’…..

1/9/14 Classical Music

Ah, vindicaton for listening to my favorite music..!!! Classical music is deemed in a study to improve children’s skills later in life….NOT hard rock, NOT country western, but Classical….but that being said, I still like my 50/60 Ventures and some others……



1/6/14 I really have problems with the ‘reality’ shows that are becoming so ‘hot’ on TV recently.

It was ok I guess for picking new talent, and perhaps the dancing, but I never really ‘got into’ them to the depth some people do.

Then there were the usual team survival shows where the contestants ate bugs if they could find them and the camera persons lived in nice quarters and ate steaks. Then the one man survival shows where they drop some poor schmuck off a helicopter, blindfolded, with a knife and a ‘good luck’, into some wasteland or jungle or mountain top, with only one trusty camera man outfitted with all the latest outdoor gear.

So, I guess you’ve heard about the group who is looking for volunteers to go to Mars….in 2025???

Well, reading this morning I came across an article that says they want it to be a ‘reality show’ from start to finish, and probably during the voyage. They have whittled the original 200,000 applicants down to 1,058 and they are looking for about 40 finalists. Go to read the article in Jewish World Review…yep, JWR is one of my daily stops.


FREE COLLEGE COURSES!!!!! I just discovered that MIT offers FREE online courses!!! Check out the website at: http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm#  One caveat is that the site doesn’t appear to be optimized for Firefox, so as much as I hate to say it, you’ll need to use IE.

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