2/6/14 White House defense of Obamacare is La-La-Land stuff according to a leading economist more…..

2/5/14 And you wonder why healthcare.gov and the whole zombie care program is in trouble??

Here is a report that some of the software was created in Belarusia, a country not very friendly to us….how in the hell does this stuff happen? Does everyone in the government have their heads in their butts? Does no one do any checking before they let contracts? This is just totally unacceptable…..

1/29/14 The Killer Nail for Zombiecare….

Looks like the Millenials aren’t signing up for Zombiecare as expected..well, whoda thunk it???? So if 3 million have signed up (and that figure is as suspect as all the other government figures about anything), and there are currently 316,148,990 people in the country,┬áthat looks like less than 1% of the population have signed on….

1/17/14 Peeling the Obamacare onion…layer by layer

A really great read from the Canada Free Press about the obamacare onion…being peeled away, layer by layer….the lead contractor for healthcare.gov who screwed the pooch and has ties to Michelle O from Princeton is being replaced by another outfit that goes back to Arthur Anderson LLP and Enron who you might remember from the dustup in Chicago…yes folks, just more Chicago cronyism….


Another liberal complains about ‘getting it in the neck’ with Zippycare…it’s not like we didn’t warn you and how could Reagan’s daughter become a liberal????

Reagan’s Daughter: Why Am I Losing My Health Insurance?

 Sunday, 27 Oct 2013 03:57 PM
By Sandy Fitzgerald

Read More……



Just in case you have forgotten among all the hoopla of the supposed ‘shutdown’ you can read about the origins of Zombiecare at The Conservative Tree House Blog…. This Blog is becoming my favorite!!! It is more than worth the visit…

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