3/21/14 New Jersey CEO stands up to democratic controlled legislature….it is happening more and more….’we will not comply’…..MOLON LABE….

3/21/14 Did a company create a device to bypass anti-assault weapon bans? Leave it to good old American ingenuity to come up with something to make the liberal pants wetting gun grabbers go ballistic!!!!!

3/21/14 Georgia Legislature passes pro-gun legislationand kudos to them for doing it!!!!!

2/25/14 More good news for Georgia gun owners….

The Georgia House passed a bill to allow more concealed carry in more places, thereby reducing ‘gun free zones’….including churches…Years ago, when I first started being a cop, I always thought a church on Sunday would be a great place to stage a robbery…full collection plates and all…I always carried then, and I still do. Now, with ‘the religion of peace’ assholes killing Christians, what is to say they won’t try the same thing here?

2/25/14 Detroit homeowners are ‘standing their ground’ and the

Police Chief is standing up for them….you have to be really stupid to try to pull off a home invasion these days…but then no one ever said a criminal was smart…..

2/21/14 Gun Production soars to NEW high on fears of liberal

control of firearms surges….good news for stock holders and gun owners alike….Øbama, Gun Salesman of the Year!!!!!

2/20/14 More on gun ownership….FBI reports crime goes down as gun ownership increases….well, it isn’t like I haven’t said this…’an armed society is a polite society’….but with carrying CCW comes responsibility to carry within the law and to know what the hell you are doing….know the law, know yourself, know your capabilites and don’t do anything stupid…like shoot a kid because of loud music.AND gun control advocates ‘inflate’ the death rate to coincide with their screwed up ‘world views’….everyone hold hands and sing cum bye ya and everyting will be peachy….

2/20/14 Now here is an idea that really needs to be ‘shelved; a ‘smart’ gun…crapo technology….pushed of course, by your friendly gun-grabbing leftoids….this is a bad idea on many levels…

2/20/14 MORE ammo purchases for the government...this time it’s DHS buying 704 MILLION rounds over the next 4 years…for training???? In most departments, line officers are only required to qualify with duty weapons twice a year…they usually shoot the PPC course which is 48 rounds… perhaps they shoot 3 times…that is 138 rounds… they say it is 2,500 rounds per each of the 70,400 officers??? Check earlier entries regarding other ammo purchases….

2/20/14 If you like guns, you have to check out this video made with a high speed camera (18,000 frames per second) of a guy firing an M4… fully automatic….

2/18/14 Common sense in the gun control fight votes with

it’s feet and many companies are pulling the plug on anti-gun states…MORE power to them!!!! Seems like the ball is rolling now and I don’t know where it will stop…I sincerely hope it doesn’t…maybe we can get all the gun manufacturers into a couple states and then secede from the country…you know, set up our own country, no NSA, no welfare state, no government control, adherence to the Constitution…stuff like that….

2/15/14 Cuomo aide caught carrying a gun where it’s not

allowed, and worse, the idiot used the laser pointer on it in a presentation for foreigners, BUT he got a waiver to carry it, 4 days AFTER the story broke…..the same old same old ‘it’s good for me but not for thee’…..but it’s ok, they are all democrats….rules don’t apply…

2/15/14 Connecticut gun owners standing their ground

Isn’t it ironic these gun owners refuse to obey a law…and it will make them felons?….if that is the way it will be, let it begin….

2/13/14 Still more government ammo purchases….

you have to wonder just why they are buying so much ammo…because they are looking for rioting, or as they say ‘just buying it for practice’ (.40cal JHP and 140,000 ,308 sniper rounds), or are they expecting to ‘dry up’ the market for just plain old you and me? I really don’t know, but add in 2700 MRAPS, guns for the IRS and Post Office and who knows who else, and FEMA caskets and FEMA camps….just wondering….one of the local police departments got an MRAP and it was on the news being used for a SWAT callout…..

2/13/14 Ah, good old American innovation……..

so the liberal panty-wetters think just because a gun looks ‘mean’ and has a pistol grip and flash hider and collapsible stock it is an ‘assault’ weapon…well innovation comes to the rescue….

2/10/14 Another gun control expert in trouble, this time for

carrying a concealed weapon into a school…and read the article to find the ‘excuse’ they use….(from the article:“Mental lapses happen,” Giles said. “Things happen. It’s an unfortunate mistake. Dwayne was not conscious that he was in school with a gun.” .

If this turd is having ‘mental lapses’, he doesn’t need to be carrying a weapon…when I carry, I am ALWAYS aware…….

2/8/14 Obama agenda fails, sort of…..

As the NRA American Rifleman magazine surges to the top 25 magazine list….the ‘law of unintended consequences’….Zippy has become the best gun salesman ever…my local gun shop has a pic of him with the caption ‘gun salesman  of the year’….I hope this gets his, Mayors Against Guns, and all the other liberl panty-wetting anti-gun fools thongs all twisted up….

2/7/14 Just what the hell is going on here folks?

New ammo purchases:
US Post Office: ???? what the hell for?
Dept of Education: $80,000 on Glock pistols, $17,000 on Remington Shotguns…..
NOAA: 70,000 rounds of .40 cal and in 2012 of 46,000 rounds of Jacketed Hollow Point…(you don’t use JHP for target practice)
Non military federal agencies have purchased over 2 BILLION ROUNDS of ammo over the past two years….
The Army bought 600,000 AK47 mags and 3 MILLION rounds of 7.62 and it is NOT an issue weapon….read the article….


1/16/14 The TRUTH about Sandy Hook!!!

This report, finally out, will twist the thongs of the lefty gun-grabbers so much!!! And it should….they deserve whatever fallout they get for the lies associated with the whole terrible incident. Note the info about magazine capacity and weapons used. It is not about gun control folks, it’s just about control!

2/2/14 Ah yes, ‘under reported’ due to the push for new gun control laws….

Seems like this always happens….whenever it makes gun ownership look good….I’m surprised the DOJ allowed this report to even get out of the building, looking at the wanker in charge there, Holder (maybe he was out kissing zippys rear that day)…..but truth always seems to ‘out’ sooner or later…..

1/27/14 Another ‘gun free zone’ shooting…..when will these

wankers ever learn……anything??? Probably never….when has a major shooting EVER occurred in anything other than a ‘gun free zone’??? Probably never….but, ‘they’ keep creating them. What is the definition of insanity….’doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result’??? Sounds like the idiots that make these stupid decisions…I just don’t go anywhere anymore that is a gun free zone….

1/27/14 NEW ammo…..

A new bullet called the Radically Invasive Projectile R.I.P…is probably better named Rest In Piece (pun intended)…check out this new manstopper that was indroduced at the January Shot Show…..check out the video at the end of the article…

1/25/14 10 Things To Know About CCW…..

10 Things to know about CCW holders…more…..


1/18/14 Judge slaps the Corps of Engineers down…

In a January 10th ruling the U.S. District Court for Idaho struck down a Corps of Army Engineering ban on firearms.

The second amendment upheld yet again…..

1/17/14 Gun control and Obamacare….

This ACA crap is getting to be more and more zombie-like…this from Canada Free Press again about the hidden dangers in the ACA re your ‘mental health’….beware…..

1/17/14 Anti gun mayor goes to jail for a gun violation!!!!

Heh heh, you just can’t make this stuff up…an Anti-Gun Mayor, a member of old Bloomies Mayors Against Guns got himself in trouble…he had a police car bring the guy to his house (looks as though the Mayor is gay) and wouldn’t let him leave…illegal detention, maybe kidnapping and discharged his gun to scare him into staying after trying to get him drunk…..

Seems like there have been more than a few of Bloomies thugs have been arrested………

1/16/14 More dead from falls than guns in Noo Yawk???

According to a UPI report, it looks as though ex-mayor Bloomie is getting a bit of egg on his face….more people are killed by falls than guns in Noo Yawk!! How can this be????

1/9/14 More on Gun Control

Here we go folks…..See a Shrink Loose Your Gun Obama and the DOJ are at it again…this in addition to some ‘rules’ that require your Doctors to ask if you own guns (my pat answer “NO”) and now this…there is absolutely NO PRIVACY any more, especially with this adminsitration. Three more years of this wanker, folks….it cannot be over too soon for me….they are also targeting returning veterans.

1/9/14 Good News…Democrats running….

More good news on the gun front. Democrats are running from the gun control issue because they are afraid of the upcoming elections. Especially the wankers whose positions are at risk this cycle.

1/9/14 New Ammo

Something new on the horizon…actually it’s here. A new kind of ammunition is now available. I read the comments section in the article from The Blaze and they bring up some interesting problems. If the rounds are as good as said, look to have them banned by the DOJ as ‘cop killer’ rounds…that is of course after Homeland Security buys a couple billion rounds for ‘training’.

1/8/14 Awesome gun

You know, that with all the backlash from the liberal gun controllers that this particular product was bound to come of age.


Built on the 1911 platform, and yes, it does exist…I checked and they have two for sale…A bit pricey at $4,800.00

What an innovative way to get around the mazagine capacity ban of Noo Yawk and Conn. American Thinking and Engineeering!!!!! Astounding….

1/8/14 Kansas CCW

Kansas residents have applied for 54% MORE concealed carry permits in 2013, breaking another record…you guys ROCK!!!!!

Remember to get a bit of insurance through CCWsafe just to protect yourself…..

1/8/14 Dimocrats backing off gun control

Hah! This is great!!! Democrats are now asking ex-mayor Bloomberg to back off his stance and push for gun control.

The two faced weasels are running scared that it will hurt their chances in the coming election cycle…and based on what happened in Colorado with the recalls, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised!!!

The only problem is they will go into hiding on the issue, and then, IF they get a majority, will be back on the same wagon after elections.

WE cannot let them GET A MAJORITY in the House, nor retain their majority in the Senate…if you love your freedom, then vote Republican…it may not be the best solution for independents, those who feel disenfranchised with the whole political farce, or just too fed up to vote, but believe me, you’d better get you butts out and vote….if you don’t and the liberals/Democrats win in November, we are truly screwed….and speaking of screwed, if Hitlery get the nod for 2016, I shudder to think what is coming after that.

Along those lines comes this article about the Left trying to silence conservative voices….

1/7/14 Chicago Gun Ban overturned…

Ah guns! A worthwhile subject….as I wrote earlier we are seeing more positive news about guns and gun ownership!

This is great….Now, a Chicago Federal Judge overturns Chicago’s gun ban. Recently MagPul, a Colorado manufacturer stated they were pulling out of Colorado due to the gun laws recently signed there.

And Illinois Concealed Carry applications outnumber Obamacare enrollments….that is funny. It certainly proves their computer system is far superior to….

This brings up another article about ammunition. With all the new CCW applicants, and the guns they are probably buying, the demand for ammo is expected to increase….it still has yet to catch up with the demand from before.

Ammo is out there but not as inexpensive as it used to be. One source I like is Gunbot where you can search for ammo. They run ‘bots’ and update pretty frequently in-stock ammo from multiple sources. You can set up a free account and then set the price per round to whatever you want and the results that fit your criteria are shown in red sorted by increasing price/round….




Another study again proves that gun ownership is not ‘terrible’. Unfortunately, the liberal left loonies (LLL) who want to restrict gun ownership, won’t read it, or worse yet, just write it off….more and more proof is surfacing that gun ownership and CCW curbs crime.

After all, every place there has been a shooting has been a ‘gun free zone’..theatres, restaurants, schools and other places of business.

The difference between a liberal and conservative is that a liberal doesn’t like guns and  doesn’t want YOU to own a gun, and a conservative, if they don’t want or like a gun, just doesn’t buy it

I’m to the point now where I don’t go into places that are gun-free zones…..

I found a site called Gun Free Tennessee that lists places in Tn….we go to Gatlinburg a lot, and we loved Alamo, until they went gun free. They no longer get my money.


I caught this article about the Chief of Police in Detroit (recently ex City of Cincinnati), of all places, saying CCW was a GOOD thing….Detroit of all places, controlled and run into the ground by Democrats for years….I have to wonder how sore James Craig’s butt will be after da mayor gets done with him…seems like more and more positive press is being given to concealed carry and I’m sure the libs thongs are getting really twisted about it. Bits and pieces, here and there, but more and more each day. I would suggest a visit to if you carry and are looking for insurance…no, I don’t get anything from them except the satisfaction of another responsible citizen being protected. Read the article here:

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