Climate Change

1/29/14 Said it before, I’ll say it again….Global Warming

is a scam! Time after time the facts prove the doomsayers wrong, but they motor blithely on, saying the same crapola over and over…and of course Øbama is ‘touting’ it again….of course that ties in with his efforts at redistribution…..

polarice Oh, and all the pictures of polar bears ‘stranded’ on ice floes were a bunch of put up crap as well….

Where else would you expect to see a polar bear except on the ice????

1/22/14 OK folks, is it warming or cooling????

Well lets see….seems global warming is heating up the earth and causing the ice packs to melt and Polar Bears to float on shrinking ice cubes…..or, er, the Polar Vortex is caused by global warming… know, I hold that Global Warming is nothing but an attempt to redistribute wealth….take the carbon trading for instance…AlGore owns or did own a company that did just that and he whored himself out to make money. Haven’t heard anything from him lately..wonder if he is frozen in a berg’ somewhere???

Latest says the cold is the result of a natural cooling cycle (this I believe) and may last to 2040….whatever Mother Nature and physics brings, we will have to adapt…more cold and snow means Washington will b

e shut down more often and that can be nothing but good for us….

1/16/14 Global Warming outed….

by Christiana Figueres, with the lumpy title of executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). She says Socialism is the only way to go….tell you what…get the UN out of the US and get the US out of the UN….it saddens me that this country is helping to fund the Useless Nuts…..they are not our friends.

1/10/14 Global Warming

Ok, global warming is bcause of CO2 caused by that nasty creature man, or is it caused by just plain CO2, or Polar Vortices, or volcanoes, or sunspots, or….0r….0r….


1/9/14 Polar Vortex caused by Global Warming???

Hah, the White House is now blaming the Polar Vortex on Global Warming….ok you wankers, are weather problems Global warming or cooling? Actually I don’t really know, and neither do these idiots. This whole ‘scheme’ is about wealth redistribution and not weather. What about the lack of Hurricanes? What about the THICKENING polar ice in Antarctica that trapped the Global Warming Expedition ship and the icebreaker that went to rescue it?

It’s a natural cycle….has happened before and will happen again.

I knew it was all a hoax when the news came to light that the temperature data was ‘bad’ because of where the recording devices were placed.

I was going to add a link about that but when I went to bing there were so many references I figured that if you were interested go to and do a search on ‘global warming data manipulation’.

The really sad part of all of this hoopla is the scientific side of it…IF, it really is true, then 99.9 percent of scientists should agree. After all, they agree about the Periodic Table of Elements, and Gravity, and the fact the Earth revolves around the Sun, but not about Global Warming….actually only 36 percent of geoscientists and engineers believe that humans are creating a global warming crisis.

That is a far cry from what I would call a consensus…..


1/7/14 Polar Vortex….
Here we go again!!!!! I”m sitting here looking at a thermometer registering -6 degrees. There is a Polar Vortex over northern Canada that is driving temps down all across the country…Drudge headlines ’90% of the US Frozen’ and we can read an article from CNS News (an outlet started to counter the bias in the Major networks) {who incidentally are falling behind FOX in the ratings} that talks about what our president (and I use small ‘p’ purposely) said in November 2013 about ‘excessively high temperatures’ harming Public Health.

This man has no clue what is going on, he only listens to his sychopant appointees who won’t tell him the truth and then spouts utter garbage….

The icing on the cake is the Russian ship  in Antarctica (that was there on a global warming mission which the networks refuse to accurately report, to check on the dwindling ice pack) gets stuck and a Chinese Icebreaker sent to free them gets stuck!


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