Government Stupidity

2/5/14 Not building Keystone could increase greenhouse emissions….more…...

1/24/14 Hmmmm, Gold….is there really any under the Fed in Noo Yawk or Ft. Knox????

The Germans are asking for their gold deposits back. These were sent here during WWII for protection from the control of Russia….now, they want it back, and the Fed is saying it will take 7 years to get it!!!! They won’t even allow an inspection and inventory….bar by bar by serial number.

Oh, by the way, you didn’t hear this in the MSM….as a matter of fact it happened about a year ago….

So, as some pundits are asking, is there really any gold under the Fed or in Ft. Knox????

1/24/14 Ah yes, the 1st Amendment…..

One would hope it is alive and well, but alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case…..Dinesh D’Souza, who made the anti-Obama documentary “2016:is being indicted for violation of election law….

And there was a young man who made a comment on his Facebook page about America becoming a Police State and within 24 hours he was being questioned by the FBI who had ALL of his facebook comments and total information on his wife and parents. They also made comments about it being a good thing he came in for an interview so they wouldn’t have to kick his door in. That in itself, proves that we are in/entering a police state mentality….

1/23/14 Another finger in zippys eye…

Oh oh, zippy, here we go again….looks like another finger in zippys eye…..sorry, but this wanker has NO foreign policy…he is about as aware of policy as a dolphin in the ocean.

1/22/14 The REAL unemployment rate…

Do you know anyone out of work? Do you know anyone who can’t find work in their field? Do you know any kids who have moved back home because they can’t find work??? I’m sure you all do one of the above….well, the Gummint is at it again, lying that is, big time for sure….Of course if the REAL rate were published there would be great weeping and knashing of teeth and zippy and company would be taking it in the shorts (which they so deserve)….so they jiggle and juggle and drop people from the ‘rolls’ to come up with 7.8%….but what is the REAL rate and why is it so high????

I was listening to Rushbo (love that guy) on the way home today and he said there were about 90 MILLION people out of work!

1/22/14 Obama poll numbers fall….and and whats behind it….

In this article about falling poll numbers for the president are some information about the beginnings of ‘his’ side of liberalism…worth the read….

1/22/14 Chicago Politics from the white house….

The white house threatened a Fox reporter via Greta Van Sustern…..using ‘back doors’ is a common practice to get messages to people and governments and in this case thanks to Greta it backfired….how low can this administration stoop??? Pretty low it seems….perhaps the House Candidate in Florida who got into trouble for say the president needs to be impeached and hanged was right on…

Something needs to be done…this administration does nothing but lie about everything……

1/21/14 Think Illegals aren’t costing this country???

This bimbo, probably one of untold thousands (millions??) has been on the dole for 20 years….and, she is an illegal, having come across the Rio Grande….

1/16/14 Radical Syrian Cleric gets Visa!!!!

Just tell me how this crap happens???? What would prompt the State Department to give a Visa to a Muslim who advocates jihad and death to Jews? Could it be money??? No, probably not, he is holding meetings to raise money for his screwed up ideals. Could it be Politics??? In a broad sense probably. Could it be because of Muslims in the white house (here) and here?? Yep, I’d bet on that….after all, it seems as though the State Department is doing everything it can to harm Israel and Jews, and promote the screwed up ideology of Islam…perhaps zippy or that wanker ‘I was in Vietnam’ Kerry had a hand in this as well…..NEVER TRUST A MUSLIM….! If you are dhimmi (second class citizen) or a Kafir (“unbeliever,” “disbeliever,” or “infidel) they will lie to you, cheat you, steal from you, and harass you…all in the name of Allah….I don’t know about you, but their god is NOT my God…..

And if you are interested, here is what being a non-muslim is under islamic rule.

And, Huma is a close advisor to Hillary.


1/25/14 Jeez, MORE government wasted money…

The DHHS is spending $2.7 Million to study the impact of TV on an area in Vietnam that does not have any electricity. Is there no end to the insanity of a government that continues to spend money on crap like this but cuts the benefits of our Military and families? This is out of control spending… an out of control congress….it is way past time to kick all of them out on their ears and get someone in there who is not always running their next campaign and holding their hands out to lobbyists and other donors from questionable sources……


AND, the TSA spent $900 million on a program named SPOT…..

Which returned exactly .059% of ‘hits’ and NO arrests…perhaps the TSA could send a few people over to Israel and train them with their customs officials….oh, no, but then they would be forced to check out women with Burkas and Muslim Brotherhood travelers……

AND $82,525 bucks to study self defense by Millipedes….

If you would like to view a list of the latest waste spending just check this out!!!


1/18/14 Government Waste…

it never ends….here is another waste of taxpayer money….and another $4.5 Million to study effects of Global Warming on INDOOR air or a USDA grant of $1,123,460 to develop robots to harvest strawberries??  What about all the illegals out there that need jobs??? How stupid are these people????

For a lot more wasteful giveaways of your money look here.

1/10/14 More Government Stupidity- Indian Diplomat….

If this isn’t the most stupid of things to do…..the government is trying to arrest an Indian diplomat (after she was strip searched) for some shady dealings with a work visa for one of the staff, while our border goes unprotected, Muslim brotherhood sycophants are infiltrating our highest levels of government (thanks to zippy and staff), a man who defended cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal is nominated to the DOJ to head voter rights and only white ‘knockout’ gamers are being prosecuted by the DOJ.(now being called the ‘Holder Effect’)…and Black Panthers who caused problems at voting places in Pa are not being charged.

On another front, the DOJ is appointing a major Obama donor to investigate the IRS scandal…nothing like ‘putting the fox to guard the hen house’…..

The government in this country is certifiably insane.

1/9/14 DOJ and ‘race’

Here we go again with the DOJ and ‘race‘….most of you know that I spent time as the Resource Officer at South Dearborn, 7 years actually. Discipline there worked well. Minor stuff was handled in house but battery with injury, stalking outside the school property, problems on busses and more importantly drug violations were given to me. The school handled each one by their guidelines and then I took over. If he violation was serious they went into juvenile and they decided what to do at that point.

Vehicle accidents on school property were also investigated and handled, and every one got an accident report written.

Holder says blacks are targeted more than others…well that is just plain bull …. if your school population is mostly black, then your discipline will be mostly toward blacks. As far as I know, every school has some sort of ‘code of conduct’ that covers just about every contingency you could think of, with appropriate punishments spelled out.  If you can’t handle the punishment, then keep your nose clean but don’t ‘whine’ that it’s because you are black.

I screwed up one time in high school and got my ass whipped for it…needless to say it never happened again…perhaps that is what we need is to go back to the paddle.

I’m beginning to think the president and his ‘staff’ are more interested in fomenting racial violence than preventing it….if that isn’t so, then why has only ONE person been arrested for the knockout game and WHY was he white? Anyone else see a pattern here????


10/25/13 We are truly screwed people….108 MILLION people are now getting some type of welfare….that’s 108 Million people who will NOT vote against their handout… More ………..


Are your savings going to be plundered like Greece??

10/16/13 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, even though my Financial Advisor doesn’t agree with me, the day is coming when all of your assets will be plundered to support the overspending policies of this government. It may not be all at once, but you can depend on it happening. I’m sure all those invested in Cypriot banks didn’t think it would happen either…but it did..maybe you’d better get a good safe for your home.

More on the ‘sequester’………..

10/16/13 Was looking at World Net Daily, one of my daily news feed stops and came across this gem. You know of course, if it was a Republican President pulling this crap that every MSM/LSM outlet in the country would be screaming their liberal lungs out about it. But no, nary a peep. Hmmm, on base grocery stores are closed but not golf courses?? Kicking old people out of their house even though it is privately owned? Locking people out of Yellowstone and forcing them on busses? Sending more guards to a Memorial to keep Veterans (God bless them) away than were sent to Behghazi?? Sorry folks, but it’s time to kick that ass out of the white house and bring back sanity to the office of president.

Good News for Conservatives……

Ah, there is some refreshing and good news out there amid all the Halloween ‘scary’ type stories…..

According to Cornell political scientist Peter Enns, conservatives are beginning to break through across the country. Based on “measures of policy mood for eac state from the 1950s to 2010,” Enns and his colleague Julianna Koch found that there has been a conservative opinion shift in every single state across the country.

Read more here ….. **************************************************


More Waste!!! What does ‘shutdown’ and ‘sequester’ mean to the government????

Seems like ‘shutdown’ and ‘sequester’ means different things to a regular citizen and the government. Some of the money is going to The Islamic Republic of Mauritania for an embassy….when will these fools realize you can not deal with Islam????

Just one day prior to the partial government shutdown, the Obama administration slipped in a contract to help Kenyan and other East African power companies more effectively tap into the U.S. Treasury. Read more at


Waste Watch!!!!!!

More insanity….. The Feds are giving, through NSF, a grant to China for  $443,010 to study Tree Bio diversity, in CHINA!!!! We have more unemployed then ever, the government is supposed to be shutdown …….and this….    soon!!!

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