Fishing in Canada!!!!

Ah, fishing is a great and relaxing sport. And it is even better when you head North to Canada to fish for some of the really BIG ones!!!


Check the jaws on this baby!!!!!

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In July of 2012 we went to Anderson’s Lodge located on Lac Sul Lake in Northwest Ontario.

It was a long trip, about 1150 miles one way but if you don’t want to suffer the pangs of the TSA ‘grope and grab’, it is the only option. We split it into two days and stopped for the night in Eau Claire Wis. just off the freeway. One stretch of road north of the border was about 100 Km and we didn’t see another car anywhere. Of course Logging Semi’s were another story.

Getting into Canada was no hassle at all, just be sure you have a passport as that is the new requirement. Typically just a few questions coming and going. The lodge packs your frozen fish (if you catch any) and loads them up for you before you leave. You will probably need to stop in Dryden Ontario for some dry ice as we did to keep the fish frozen.

The lodge is super nice, modern and up to date. The lodge is a ‘package’ stay and includes everything you need. Also, you do not need to stay for a complete week if you don’t have the time. We did 3 days fishing and 4 nights stay.

I would recommend a step up from the 16ft. boat to the larger bow riders that are available. They are much more comfortable and sturdy.


The lodge has it’s own restaurant called Foxy’s and

meals are included in the American Plan package. If you don’t like what the package meal is for the day, you can also order off the regular menu. The food was varied and very good. If you left the table hungry, it was your own fault. They offer a wide variety including BBQ Ribs, Roast Turkey, Cornish Game Hens, NY Strip Steak, Prime Rib, Chicken Souvlaki, and BBQ Smoked Chops. Along with all the ‘sides’ of course!!!!


No Outpost would be complete without a float plane. Here is one at the Lodge dock. You can manage connections to the Lodge from anywhere. If you are up for it, the Lodge offers day long float trips to one of their outlying points. The outposts are also available for longer stays. Check their website for more information.


Of course, you get a guide every day with your package and included is the typical shore lunch of fresh fish, baked beans and fried potatoes and onions. If you are fishing multiple days and wish to, you can get a different meal carry out from the dining room before you go out. The best part is the guide does all the work for you…just pull up to the beach, find a place to sit (or stroll around the shore) and wait for lunch.

I would recommend to pack a fold up camp chair for use during the lunches. The rocks can get awfully uncomfortable. We didn’t but next time we will.


This is a ‘before lunch’ catch one day.


I can honestly say this is the BEST fishing vacation we have ever had, bar none. And I highly recommend it as a vacation destination.

Oh, yea, I did manage to catch some fish although NO trophy like the three my wife caught.


Ontario has a program called Ontario Angler Awards that if you catch a trophy fish and release it the Guide certifies the catch and the Ontario Wildlife people send you a patch and certificate. Plus the fish goes back into the reproduction pool. There is also the Sioux Lookout District Master Angler Program which is a separate catch and release program.


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