Oldenburg 229

The highway, SR 229, that runs from Oldenburg Indiana (just a couple miles North of Batesville), to US 52 just outside of Metamora Indiana, site of the old Whitewater Canal. It is an interesting ride of 12.5 miles with some good curves and hills.

mini trip 229

You can access it easily from Interstate 74 at Batesville and heading North towards Oldenburg. Oldenburg is noted for it’s German heritage and some of the stores still sport German names…pay attention to the convent on the hill on your left as you head through the town. Gas is available here and food.

When you get to US 52 you can go left towards Metamora (and if you stay on 52 you can go to Indianapolis) or right towards Brookville and the lake. If you stay on 52 through Brookville you will arrive back at I 74.

A nice, short, afternoon ride if you are looking for someplace different.

Video coming later!!!

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