Clifty Falls

Clifty Falls is a 1500 acre State Park located in Madison Indiana. It lies between Route 62 and Route 56.

You wouldn’t think that a small State Park would be a good motorcycle destination, but it really is.

From the North gate the loop around the park and back to the North gate is 8 miles of mostly sharp, twisty road. I didn’t count the number of curves, but there are pretty many. A lot of them are tight so exercise caution.

The road is marked 15 MPH in most places but 30 in some and I would recommend staying in those parameters while riding. There are NO lane divisions on the roads.

You can go to the web link above and get a .pdf file of the park. It has numerous trails and several waterfalls if you want to kill a bit of time.

We were there yesterday and since it is after Labor Day there is no admission charge. About half way through the loop you can divert to the Clifty Falls Lodge. You can stay over or visit the Restaurant and have a meal. They also have a nice gift shop and they have several paintings in the shop an artist did on deer skins.

If you don’t want to bother with a map, after you enter the North gate, turn left. Turn left again to towards the Park Office and at the stop sign turn right (away from the Inn)…just follow that back to the North entrance.



Enjoy your ride but be careful!!!!


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