4×4 Off roading in a Jeep!!


1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Trying to find good stuff for a Grand Cherokee isn’t all
that easy. This includes Whitney and multiple searches on the internet.
Here is the unit at it’s pretty basic. Suspension
lift and 30×9 Dunlop Mud Rover tires. Sorry but I forgot to take pics of it when it was stock. What you can’t see is the GPS and CB radio.

But let me begin at the beginning, which was 1977. And a Dodge 4×4 pickup. Several trail rides later fast forward a few years. A succession of various Grand Cherokees a 99′ Cherokee Sport and a 2000 Liberty).
2003 arrives quickly. My wife and two boys go to Camp Jeep in Virginia. I stayed home with the dogs. This year the boys couldn’t go so I left the dogs with them and went with my wife.
To keep the story short, she got hooked on trail riding.
Along comes the opportunity to buy a 93′ Grand Cherokee because my oldest said he was taking the Sport next year to Camp Jeep and I needed something else. I was planning on sitting it along the road and selling it for my oldest son. One
thing led to another and I finally bought it, with the intention on turning it into an off road unit. Being a bit older it made more sense to use the Grand Cherokee than one of those bouncy short wheelbase CJ’s or Wranglers, although they do look cool all tricked out. After all, it makes more sense to do some riding closer to home than Virginia which is 500 miles from home.  Camp Jeep is fun, but there were so many people there they limited you to two trail rides over the three days. And once you walk through the actual Camp Jeep area, once through is enough, at least for me.

Now Camp Jeep is no longer and they have shifted to Regional Off Road events.


Here is the unit after addition the of an ARB winch bumper.
I decided to skip the intermediate steps of the cheapo brush guard/grille guard gizmo which I knew wouldn’t hold up to the pressure of a tow out via hooks (which I had not yet installed) and went directly to the big guy. Notice the nifty D-rings on the bumper. Next step was the winch.
The new bumper looks really good!   Here is the vehicle after the addition of a set of KC Lights I found in the barn and skid plates provided by and installed by SunFire. They also installed the  JKS Swaybar Quick Disconnect System.  This is super nice and the connectors are held up against the frame so the bar doesn’t fall. Plus you don’t have to worry about losing the connectors/pins! Coming next: Nerf bars/rock rails!
Many thanks to Scott at Sun Fire Off Road  in Sunman Indiana for their ‘wrenching’ and expert advice. I certainly couldn’t have done the installation myself, not having access to a decent workshop or tools. I’ve long ago given up doing shade tree mechanics. I’ll just continue to enjoy my second retirement and off-roading and let the knowledgeable experts do the work. Thanks guys!
I’m even cutting some trails on my 30 acre farm so I don’t
have to go so far all the time. You know, coming in from a hard day of retirement activities and just zipping off through the old horse pasture and into the woods kind of takes the edge off the day.
There are two Off Road clubs sort of near me here in S.E.
Indiana. One meets in Shelbyville Ind. and the other on the east side of Cincinnati Oh., the Ohio River Four Wheelers
outside the I-275 loop. I’ll be looking into these clubs as time permits. Haspin Acres near Laurel Ind., not too far away. A good place to off-road if you are fairly close
with about 750 acres available.



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