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“Rons Daily is where you can learn about a lot of different things that I have found interesting over the years.”

I’m Ron. I was born in Cincinnati, graduated from Western Hills High School, served in the United States Air Force,  attended University of Cincinnati and Northern Ky. University.
I live in a log house in South East Indiana with my wife, two dogs and a cat. Not to mention wild Turkey, deer, squirrels and assorted other wildlife that inhabit my property.
I have kept chickens, but that is another story and another item for the Blog.

I have written a book called “Retreat” which I term a ‘police procedural novel’. I also am an artist dealing in Acrylics and for several years had my own workplace and studio at Pendleton Art Center in Rising Sun Ind. I play guitar, and a do bit of video gaming. I spent 30+ years working for AT&T the last 15 which were spent in the Computer area. I used to design webpages using raw code and still do a bit of that. I also worked for the Postal Service for a short time and at an Internet division of our local telephone company. I am also a Deputy Sheriff.

I am Conservative with a big “C”. I like hunting, fishing, and guns and believe in the 2nd Amendment. I am also a MOPAR man and am involved with our local car club River City Classics Car Club in Aurora Ind..
Now, I am a Blogger!!!!

Thanks for stopping here, and please stay with me. I promise you it will be a fun and interesting way to spend some of your online time!



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