Old Fashioned Buckwheat Pancakes!

Old Fashioned Buckwheat Pancakes.


You can find Buckwheat pancake mix in most stores, but this is regular flour just mixed with some buckwheat and probably stuff you can’t pronounce. (If I can’t say it then I really don’t want to eat it..)

Try the mix first to see if you like the taste and looks (it makes brown pancakes), then if you do like it, go for the REAL stuff. My Grandmother used to make these for those mornings Dad and I went hunting when I was younger. They go well with sausage links or patties, but especially well with bacon. Can’t be beat!

1 c. pure buckwheat flour

1 square, packet or tsp of yeast

2 c. warm water

The night before mix the buckwheat flour with the yeast and add the warm water. Cover the bowl with a plate and place in a warm spot in the kitchen. Some set the oven to low for a few minutes to warm it and turn it off, then place the covered bowl in the oven with the oven light on. The yeast will work overnight to ‘rise’ the flour.

In the morning, add salt to taste and mix the batter up. It will have yeast ‘holes’ in it and you will be able to see by the bowl that the mixture rose overnight.

Thin the mix to whatever consistency you wish. The thinner the batter the more ‘lacy’ the edges of the pancake will become.

Cook in a hot cast iron skillet with a bit of oil. Probably the first batch will stick, but no big deal.

The thinner the batter, the more ‘lacy’ the edges will become and that is my favorite type of cake.

Serve hot, with sausage or bacon and Pure Maple Syrup, not that stuff that never saw the inside of a Maple Tree. (With stuff in it you can’t pronounce.) Check my page on Maple Sugaring….

(You can order the real stuff online Amazon.com)
Arrowhead Mills Organic Buckwheat Flour, 32 Ounce Bag

Organic Buckwheat Flour (2 Lb.)

If you are in the Pigeon Forge Tn. area you can also get it at the Old Mill.


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