Herbed Butter

Herbed Butter:

herbed butter

I use Land O’ Lakes spreadable butter….it’s mixed with Canola oil to make it more spreadable. Works great and you don’t have to wait for it to get to room temperature.

I don’t make a lot of it at one time but you could, if you were hosting a party or whatever. Several recipes I’ve found suggest rolling it in parchment to form a log and then refrigerate and cut as needed.

1/4 c. spreadable butter.

Sprig of rosemary, chopped fine. No stem.

3 or 4 leaves of fresh Basil, chopped fine, or, if dry, crumbled into small pieces. (Grow your own rosemary and basil in pots on the front porch).

Mix in a small glass serving bowl until the crushed herbs are evenly distributed.

Serve on hot rolls or fresh baked bread.

You could substitute other herbs if you have a particular preference.


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